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Briefing on the Pheonix lander
The Media Relations Office at JPL is responsible for issuing press releases and hosting media events. As an institution, discussing new discoveries with the public is key to JPL's success as an institution. Below are selected press releases from JPL about new advances in many research fields.
Helicopter Could be 'Scout' for Mars Rovers
A proposed helicopter could triple the distances that Mars rovers can drive in a Martian day and help pinpoint interesting targets for study. Read the news release 'Helicopter Could be 'Scout' for Mars Rovers'

SPIDER Experiment Touches Down in Antarctica
An instrument called SPIDER just landed after 16 days drifting in the wind above Antarctica, searching for signs of inflation in the earliest moments of the universe. Read the news release 'SPIDER Experiment Touches Down in Antarctica'

Spinoff 2015: NASA Technologies Benefit Society
The new edition of NASA's Spinoff presents remarkable examples of spinoffs providing benefits around the world, including several that were developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Read the news release 'Spinoff 2015: NASA Technologies Benefit Society'

NASA Mountaintop Sensor Finds High Methane over LA
NASA instruments on a mountaintop show that Los Angeles' annual methane emissions are 18 to 61 percent higher than the best previous estimates. Read the news release 'NASA Mountaintop Sensor Finds High Methane over LA'

Scientists Pinpoint Saturn With Exquisite Accuracy
Signals from NASA's Saturn-orbiting probe and the keen eyes of a continent-spanning telescope array yield greatly improved knowledge of the 'true' center of the Saturn system Read the news release 'Scientists Pinpoint Saturn With Exquisite Accuracy'

Machines Teach Astronomers About Stars
The same technology that suggests what movies you might like to watch is helping astronomers learn about stars Read the news release 'Machines Teach Astronomers About Stars'

NASA Robot Plunges Into Volcano to Explore Fissure
Researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory are developing robots to explore volcanoes. Read the news release 'NASA Robot Plunges Into Volcano to Explore Fissure'

NASA Finds Good News on Forests and Carbon Dioxide
A NASA-led study suggests that tropical forests absorb more carbon dioxide than scientists thought. That means, if left undisturbed, the tropical trees should be able to continue reducing the rate of global warming. Read the news release 'NASA Finds Good News on Forests and Carbon Dioxide'

Small CubeSat Provides Big Space Experience
The future looks bright for CubeSats at JPL Read the news release 'Small CubeSat Provides Big Space Experience'

Gecko Grippers Get a Microgravity Test Flight
Gecko-inspired grippers might one day help service satellites and collect orbital debris. Read the news release 'Gecko Grippers Get a Microgravity Test Flight'


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