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Briefing on the Pheonix lander
The Media Relations Office at JPL is responsible for issuing press releases and hosting media events. As an institution, discussing new discoveries with the public is key to JPL's success as an institution. Below are selected press releases from JPL about new advances in many research fields.
NASA Rocket Experiment: Universe is Brighter Than We Thought
A NASA sounding rocket experiment has detected a surprising surplus of infrared light in the dark space between galaxies, a diffuse cosmic glow as bright as all known galaxies combined. Read the news release 'NASA Rocket Experiment: Universe is Brighter Than We Thought'

Cold Atom Laboratory Chills Atoms to New Lows
NASA's Cold Atom Laboratory mission has succeeded in producing a state of matter known as a Bose-Einstein condensate, a key breakthrough for the instrument. Read the news release 'Cold Atom Laboratory Chills Atoms to New Lows'

2014 JPL Outstanding Postdoctoral Research Awards
Winners of the annual 2014 Postdoc Research Day gave seminars on their research and were presented with plaques to commemorate the event. Read the news release '2014 JPL Outstanding Postdoctoral Research Awards'

Solar Power, Origami-Style
Origami has been a hot topic in technology recently. Brian Trease at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been thinking about how it could be used in spacecraft. Read the news release 'Solar Power, Origami-Style'

The Future is Now: Concepts Chosen for Study
Five technology proposals, including one from JPL, have been selected for continued study under the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program. Read the news release 'The Future is Now: Concepts Chosen for Study'

Science Fair Project Spins Up NASA Hurricane Study
With the help of a JPL researcher, high school intern Alice Zhai has turned her science fair project into the first look at the economic impacts of hurricane size. Read the news release 'Science Fair Project Spins Up NASA Hurricane Study'

Ultra Low-Power WiFi will Enable Wearable Devices
Researchers at JPL and UCLA have developed new WiFi technology to give wearable devices full access to the web's unlimited resources. Read the news release 'Ultra Low-Power WiFi will Enable Wearable Devices'

Printing the Metals of the Future
Spacecraft components may need custom parts that traditional manufacturing processes can't make. A 3-D printing technique JPL scientists are using may solve such problems. Read the news release 'Printing the Metals of the Future'

Four JPL Suborbital Technology Payloads Chosen
From hopping/tumbling robots to gecko-inspired adhesives, various technologies, including four from JPL, have been chosen by NASA for suborbital flight. Read the news release 'Four JPL Suborbital Technology Payloads Chosen'

First LDSD Test Flight a Success
The project declares the first test flight of NASA's Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator a success. Read the news release 'First LDSD Test Flight a Success'


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