2019 Technology Highlights

2019 Technology Highlights Cover

JPL is a place where talented people come to work to get things done. We design, build, launch, and operate spacecraft, some of which have traveled to the outer reaches of the solar system, orbit Earth and other planets, rove on the surface of Mars, or use powerful telescopes to peer into the distant universe.  The JPL 2019 Technology Highlights document presents a diverse set of technology developments -- selected by the Chief Technologist out of numerous similar efforts at JPL -- that are essential for JPL’s continuing contribution to NASA’s future success.  Please direct any inquiries to  Documents from previous years can be found in the archive.


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Strategic Technology Directions

Strategic Technology Directions 2009

Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Strategic Technology Directions 2009

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is noteworthy for its sustained ability to accomplish challenging measurements and missions. JPL can continue to achieve its historical level of success only by developing and applying increasingly advanced technology to future missions.


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Document Citation:
Jet Propulsion Laboratory. 2009. Strategic Technology Directions 2009. JPL Publication 400-1385. Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (Pasadena, CA).


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